Expert recommender

We create your holiday plan, with options for every day


How does the expert recommender work?

Our experts will create a personalised plan for your holiday on the Costa Brava, not only will we help you choose the best accommodation, but we will also draw up an agenda for each day of your stay, in which we will recommend hotels, restaurants, outstanding events, activities and places to visit, always according to your tastes. You will receive a detailed explanation of each place to visit and you will be able to ask our experts any questions you may have.


Book your recommender

You can choose between 2 levels of recommender, only personalised plan or personalised plan + interview (videoconference) with one of our experts to plan your stay.

Fill in the form

Answer the questions in the form we will send you to get all the details about the dates of your stay, needs and preferences.

Receive your personalised plan

We prepare and send you a personalised plan with all the details and you will have access (via email or videoconference) to your expert advisor to answer any questions you may have.

Access more resources

You will have access to a private section where you can receive advice during your trip and consult with our experts. You will also have access to special promotions

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